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Digitize Signatures & Logos for Fast Printing
SLED Image Process 2.2
SLEd is our signature/logo editor and font converter. With SLEd, you can import a digitized image and use a number of editing, transforming, and drawing tools to "clean-up" or modify your image. You then use SLEd to converter your bitmap image to a bitmap font by simply saving that image as a PCL font. This gives you fast and easy printing of your graphic font on checks, forms, and letters using the PCL driver of an HP or compatible printer. $295

Generate & Edit PCL Fonts & Bar Codes
FontGen Full Font Editor/Generator 5.1
FontGen is our bitmap font editor and font generator. Using FontGen, you can create any unique character set up to 255 characters. FontGen shows you each character cell of the full font and lets you create and edit each character using a large variety of tools including single pixel editing, drawing tools, pattern fills, resizing, and multiple font windows. You also have full control over the PCL font header so your bitmap font or bar code will meet all your specifications. FontGen’s most common format is a 300 or 600 dpi PCL 5 bitmap font for use with the PCL driver of an HP or compatible laser printer. $295

VS Fonts in stock: bar codes, MICR, Postnet, fixed pitch, foreign & more.
PCL Bitmap Fonts & Bar Codes
VS Software has a large library of PCL fonts in a variety of typefaces. Whether you need a decorative, practical, or specific fixed pitch font, VS has it or can create it for you. We specialize in meeting the exact specifications for bar codes, MICR, Postnet, and OCR A & B. We also offer a font license so you can freely use a font or group of fonts within your company. This license also lets you bundle a bitmap font or set of fonts with your software or hardware. Costs range from $59.95 for a single font up to $169.95 for a family of fonts (approx 45 fonts). A font license is $250 per font file.

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