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Software for Bitmap Fonts, Bar Codes, Signatures, & Logos
Software for Bitmap Fonts, Bar Codes, Signatures, & Logos
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Custom Work
VS Software can digitize any image (logo, signature, letterhead, etc.) into a bitmap font or graphic file. This gives you a high quality, easy to use PCL image or font to enhance any document. VS can also generate any font character set (including any foreign language characters up to 255 characters) to meet your specifications. We have the standards on OCR A & B, MICR, Postnet, Interleaved 2 of 5, bar code 3 of 9, and bar code 128. If you need a different bar code, just let us know. We are ready to create the type and size that you require. Call for custom prices.

Font SIMMs, DIMMs, & Cartridges
In addition to supplying or creating your bitmap fonts, signatures or logos, VS Software can conveniently place these PCL files on a SIMM, DIMM, or cartridge. This gives you security for your signature, logo, or font because you have the option to remove the SIMM, DIMM, or cartridge when you do not want your fonts to be accessible. This is particularly useful for check printing. Additionally, any of these options eliminates the need for downloading your font to your printer and conserves your printer memory. Call for prices.

TrueType™ to PCL™ Font Conversion
If have a TrueType font but need it in a PCL format, we offer Jet True by Jet Products™. This is an easy and effective Windows® program for converting a TrueType font to a PCL font. Jet True will locate all the True Type fonts on your system and let you convert any of these fonts to the specific size, style, and weight PCL font you require. Jet True is compatible with Windows 3.1, 95, and 98. $325.

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